Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(another) 5 minute update on the flying Crispies

Thank you so much for choosing to stay connected with us as we have (probably) moved farther away from you recently. It is definitely a challenge to keep up relationships in the midst of life in general, never mind from such great distances. The closer we get to leaving, the more we appreciate the support, prayers, and just plain old friendship with those we love, and we already miss "home" and belonging, wherever that might be. (Last night we were listening to building 429's This is not where I belong, and I asked the kids where they feel they're "from." Charlie said Minnesota! Surprised me, as it was only one year of his 5 yr old life, but I guess he really liked it there. Score one for our Minnesota peeps ;-)

  • Prefield Technical Orientation (say that fast 5x :-) is off to a really good start. We are just so grateful to be here. So humbled. It is challenging, for sure. Many people have asked what Patrick is learning. Doesn't he already know how to fly? He does! You don't get to this point with just a private pilot's license, he should definitely know his stuff by now ;-). But this kind of flying is just so different from what you would do in the US, or in any regular kind of aviation job. And then, of course, there's the maintenance part. It's part classroom, part shop, part flying, part homework/studying. I'll get some more details and some pictures here pretty soon. 
  • The rest of the family: We are trying to keep things pretty normal this fall, if possible. Charlie started kindergarten, Hannah is doing a few main subjects and alot of fun extra stuff to help us learn about our new home, and Caroline goes to the preschool at the center 3 mornings a week. I can see it from the apartment, so its convenient, affordable, and is helping me get comfortable with teaching 2 kids, instead of 1. 
  • We are enjoying so much being close to some more family. In my adult life, my mom and I have never lived in the same country, and here we are just a few minutes walk, for a few weeks at least. And more family about 30 minutes away. We are also, of course, trying to squeeze in American stuff, especially in this season of fall, which we love dearly, and will miss. (Expect lots of pumpkin patch and apple picking pictures :-) 
  • We are just so excited. I know we've said that alot. And it doesn't mean we don't have realistic expectations (I hope) about the challenges coming up. But we are learning so much about Kenya, and Nairobi, learning greetings etc. in KiSwahili, meeting Kenyan friends, cooking Kenyan food, reading Kenyan books. You get the picture. And it is such a neat country. It has alot to offer. But so much more than that, we continue to learn more about what God is doing through AIM Air to support evangelism, discipleship, and church planting among the peoples who are not yet aware of our incredible, merciful, holy, compassionate God. There is so much going on, so many unbelievably committed people, foreigners and Africans, working so hard in so many difficult, remote places. And we will get to serve them through aviation. 
  • My 5 minutes are probably up. (You should have read faster ;-) Just wanted to say thank you again to our amazing partners, both prayer and financial. We obviously could not be here without you. Our car fund has really come together, thanks to some pretty special people! Many of our future needs have been built into our Outgoing Fund budget. But there are still some significant needs that we still have, such as luggage, a satellite phone, a handheld GPS, and more tools for Patrick. (Since our organization is non-denominational, there is no sending body backing them. We each have to bring what we need to the table, so to speak.) And then things like schoolbooks for the next few years, kids shoes for the next few years, etc. Thank you for considering helping with those needs. 
Thank you for taking the time to catch up!