Monday, April 25, 2011

 as i'm sure you've noticed, i haven't been terribly excited about updating the blog recently. mostly, i don't get around to taking pictures. but thankfully, with grandparents around for easter, pictures got taken! mom and bob were here for awhile, and david and des came, with grandma jan, for a wonderful brunch on saturday. we had our easter egg hunt, and a special time doing the resurrection eggs with the kids. it was so special to be with family.

 i'm sorry about the squashed pictures, i'm not sure what the problem is. but it makes me look skinnier! :-)

 the adult side of the table :-)

this was the first time hannah has ever tried to cut her food. she did alright!

it was amazing to see how much more hannah has picked up about the easter story, even since last year. she absorbs so much, and obviously much of it is beyond her grasp. but every year she'll learn more, and charlie will start too. the opportunity we have as parents to help pass along these truths is so humbling and exciting.

happy easter, everybody. we have a few more pictures from sunday i'll get up soon.