Saturday, July 30, 2011

 Hannah and her friend Mia, one of our babysitting kids. This was awhile ago.

 We used to sit out on the porch in the mornings, before it got too hot. We would have story time on the swing. Nobody was able to sit on my lap well before, and they usually still cant now because I wear Caroline alot. But when it cools off (probably november!), we'll get out on the porch again.

 one day, after leftover spaghetti, this seemed like the easiet option. he seemed pretty keen on doing it himself.

 charlie absolutely loves hannahs old cowboy boots. wears them around the house all the time.

 this was Fourth of July. I needed a distraction, so we went into the city. A really nice outdoor shopping area has this big pond, with a fountain and ducks and all that. The kids like going there. There's also a marble slab right there :-). And a barnes and noble. which, that experience is just not the same with kids. how it used to be possible to sit and read a magazine, or browse. not so much anymore. the other day, i drove to wichita to pick up the kids (who had been with david and des). we went into a barnes and noble to feed the baby, and i thought the kids could play at the train table. there was no train table. they stayed to help me, but she wasnt interested then. of course, when she was interested, we were alone. i dont mind nursing in public. but when you're trying to keep the baby under the nursing cover while chasing around 2 others, it gets more complicated. and charlie can only be so patient. sometimes it takes her 45 min to eat. i cant expect him to sit still that long. i guess its  a good thing we rarely go anywhere!

 on the way home that day, we stopped at texas roadhouse. charlie absolutely loved the peanuts. (you get buckets of peanuts, then crack them and throw the shells on the floor.) patrick and i could hardly keep up with how fast he was eating them. even tried to eat the shells.

 Hannah likes to read books to charlie. he's very patient, too.

 hard to believe he isn't my baby anymore. :-(

 my real baby is much much smaller. and lighter. sometimes i still almost throw her when i pick her up, she seems so light!

 we had our first outing with my mom, when she was about a week old. as usual, i've been in no rush to get out more than is necessary. at this stage they take so long to eat, and eat so often, there's a small window of opportunity in between. that, and the heat, and the fact that there really isn't anywhere to go here, has kept us home. but that's ok, we're starting to babysit in 2 wks, so we wont get too bored.

Caroline is doing really really well. I am very grateful. At first i was kind of worried because she would not be put down. even if she was really asleep, she'd wake up when i put her down. but then i started laying her on her stomach on the bed, instead of the bouncy seat or something. and what do you know, she sleeps till i wake her up. (yes, i wake her up. I dont want her to go longer than 3 hrs without eating. Or even 2.)  my philosophy is the more she eats during the day, hopefully the less she'll wake up at night. and thats going well too. she has a fussy time in the evening, then goes to bed around when i do, 10.30 or 11. often she'll only wake up once, at 3 or 4. sometimes takes a while to get her back to sleep, but then she'll sleep till the other kids wake up at 7. Its a good schedule for now, and during the day i never put her down in her bed upstairs, she just sleeps where we are. the more noise the better.

there is no way to encapsulate the last 3 wks. it has been, obviously, a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. super highs, and yes, super lows! It is very different with your 3rd i think, and subsequent ones i would imagine. i love her so much, but i feel like i'm not paying enough attention to anyone. i guess having a family means all paying attention to each other, so i shouldnt feel like its all dependent on me. but i do. (just noticing my keyboard is really sticky. too much multitasking, perhaps? should never eat grapes while working on computer)

so patricks job is going well, keeping him busy. he works for a hay broker in a nearby town, so his commute is about 40 min. thats the biggest downside to the job. also he's supposed to be there by 7. I never knew there was such a thing as a hay broker, you might be thinking. well, you dont live in kansas :-). Somebody has to get the hay from the farmer growing it to the rancher who needs it for his cows. Patrick does the transportation logistics, and other more hands on things at the farm itself. he gets to drive a tractor sometimes :-). and, he got to fly the other day! hopefully more of that soon.

in the midst of me doing the 3 kids by myself and patrick working 13 hr days, our air conditioner started leaking, and flooding part of our basement. unfortunately we didn't know right away, it was in a sort of closed off area. where i had stashed boxes and boxes of baby clothes. we got home after an extremely long day in wichita (my first time out with all 3, the same day i talked about earlier. we also did sams club that day. thanks to david and des, who got me a membership for my birthday. yeah!). Then spent the evening attempting to fix the air conditioner (patrick) and sorting through boxes of molding clothes and washing what was salvageable (me.) That verse about not storing up treasures where moths corrupts and thieves steal? God should have added mold. and He does have a point, I decided. Anyways, at least it still works. We just kept a bucket under it until he could fix it for real. Which he did. because he's super cool like that. rarely do we pay somebody to fix anything. we do have to pull up and replace the floor, but we were planning on doing that anyways. just not exactly now.

so we (I) have had some rough days. It helped so much to have my mom here for awhile, and then for the crisps to take the kids. but i think we'll be ok :-). I cleaned a bathroom yesterday. and dusted and washed windows and everything, actually. made me feel a little better. one thing i haven't done in 3 wks is make supper. but apparently my free ride is over, because tonight i'm making supper.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet Caroline!

 this was on friday, we went to the store together to get food for the midwives. i was actually in labour at the time, but nobody knew. i was just extra crabby! it was the worlds longest labour, i think! sporadic all day, and i finally told patrick at supper time i thought we might be getting somewhere. David and Des came out and stayed at Jan's, and things started picking up around 11 or 12. then all night long i was stuck at the 15 min apart stage. i was texting with lar the whole night, apparently she couldnt sleep either. it was memorable! they picked up the kids around 8 the next morning, and then patrick and i went downstairs to the basement to focus. around 10 the midwives got there, and Caroline Joy came in to the world at 12.01 pm. 8 lbs, 6 oz, 19 3/4 in long. this birth was definitely very different from the rest. super long first stage, super short second stage. that's the abbreviated birth story :-). There was more bleeding than usual, but nothing our capable midwives couldn't handle. Just gave me more of an excuse for everybody to wait on me for the next week :-)
which they have!

 our very first hug
 patrick cutting the cord.

 all dried off and warmed up.

love at first sight

I make no apologies for it taking me a week to do this, i've been spending time with my baby or my other 2 babies! thank you so much my wonderful husband for your support and encouragement, and my special gift basket! thank you david and des for taking the kids so patrick and i could just worry about me and the baby. thank you mom for coming and doing, well, everything.
we will not have as many pictures this time around, but we do have, i'll try to share. things are going well, i would say perfectly, except i cant sleep. she is a perfect baby so far, eats and sleeps like a champ. i, on the other hand, take about 2 hrs to fall asleep regardless of the circumstances. so napping has not been successful, and nighttime is a nightmare, but not because of her. she's just perfect, and the kids have done such a good job with welcoming her into our family. they love to hold her, and have not shown any negative behaviour due to sharing my attention. (of course, there have been so many people around giving them attention. we'll see how it goes when we all get back to everyday life!)

next post, we'll talk about patrick's new job. he started friday, and we're really excited about it!