Wednesday, April 11, 2012

 i just noticed that my last post had leftover christmas pictures. and now here i am with easter pictures! It will do no good to try to review the last 2 months, so here we are.

 The season leading up to Easter, also known as Lent, is an opportunity for us to focus intently on Jesus and remind ourselves what Easter is about. We started off making pretzels. While not terribly spiritual, it is an old tradition that began to teach children about prayer. We had fun, and patrick enjoyed eating them. (harder than i thought, though. all that boiling!)

The wee one is into EVERYTHING these days. I guess I just forgot what it was like, I dont know. But you cant turn your back on her. This morning i reached into her mouth to see what she was chewing on, and it was poop. Her own, at least; not the dog's! Its amazing these children survive their first year.

 Caroline has now caught on that daddy is the fun one, and she just lights up when he comes home.

This is our only picture from our most wonderful weekend away together in Kansas City. with caroline. It was the first time we'd been away together in a long long time, and we had such a great time. We are going to do it again soon, though. Without Caroline, and not during March Madness ;-)

 caroline is definitely a fan of this newest member of our household. we call him Buddy.

I wish I could have a whole post just for my charlie man. He loves to help, and is always right there with you. I was weeding the flowerbeds here, and charlie came out to help me as soon as he woke up from his nap. couldn't have done it without him :-)

our sweet caroline is full of smiles and laughter, most all the time. this was her first time in the swing. she loves her brother and sister, the dog, exploring, eating cheerios, and waving.  

 we dont know how long we'll be in kansas, which makes the time we have here all the more precious. I am so grateful that the kids can build relationships with some of their great grandparents. It is something we will treasure forever.

did i mention she's into everything? so far she's only fallen down the stairs once. we're holding our breath! We had a wonderful Easter with Mom and Bob again, and Patrick's family also came out. Lots of pictures.