Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few weeks ago Hannah, Caroline and I took Des out for her birthday. The tearoom I found online wasnt exactly what i had envisioned, but we had fun doing a girl thing. Hopefully it'll be a tradition. \

We also went to a pumpkin patch that weekend, and both Hannah and Charlie had their first horse riding experience. I missed it because i was feeding Caroline, as I miss out on much of life during the first year of each baby!

thanks meghan, for the adorable dresses!

she doesnt like tummy time at all. By 4 mos, hannah was scooting herself across the floor on her back. Caroline, not so much. But the doctor did say she was holding her head up really well for her age.
charlie loves. loves! playing outside. he will play outside by himself for as long as you let him. i wish he had more opportunity to interact with the natural world, exploring and destroying and building. right now he just makes a gigantic mess with the sand, but he has such a blast i have a hard time yelling at him.

he just picked up this screwdriver and started "fixing" a chair the other day.

hannah and mia
i've discovered that the easiest way to get kids to eat their vegetables is to have them prepare them with you. my kids always beg me for whatever i'm choppping up, even before its cooked!

yes, its a big girl bed. every stage seems to catch me by surprise. David and Des gave Hannah this bed, that matches her room so well, and Des made this beautiful quilt as well. It makes me sad, but its also special to be able to lay on the bed next to hannah when i'm putting her to bed, instead of kneeling on the hardwood floor next to her!

i cant believe she is old enough for the exersaucer! i had to pad it with blankets so she wouldnt fall over. and she lasted approx 5 min. We've been having a rough time with thrush, the last little while. It can be pretty stubborn, and has made it extremely difficult for Caroline to eat. Poor thing would just latch on, then pull off and cry. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. One day I finally just gave up and used a syringe to feed her. We both got a new medicine, and I started sterilizing the supplementers more, and its getting better.
all in all, we're doing well. Patrick is working long hours these days, we miss him. And I'm pretty sure its mutual! The big news of the day is, I only have 2 more days of babysitting. I was planning on quitting in the spring, but then it worked better for the family that we stop now. So, maybe i'll take more pictures throughout the day :-). I had a wonderful time visiting Lara in Boston, Meghan and Reese were there too. The logistics of 2 little babies on different schedules (or no schedules), and getting around the city with 2 strollers, made for an interesting trip. But we did get to eat alot of great food! And see some beautiful leaves. I did take a few pictures. many thanks to david and des for keeping the kids some, and then to patrick for doing a great job after that. the house was very clean and even smelled good when i came home :-).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

in a nutshell

"We are selfless followers of a self-centered God. We exist for the glory of God, and God exists for the glory of God. The ultimate key to joining together in radical obedience to Christ is found in fostering a humble view of ourselves and a high view of God. For when we see ourselves as completely dependent, utterly desperate children of God who live exclusively for Him, then we will give ourselves in total abandonment to Him for His great purpose in the world: the declaration of His Gospel and the demonstration of His glory to all the peoples of the earth." - Radical Together